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 Company Drivers

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PostSubject: Company Drivers   Tue Aug 28, 2012 6:52 pm

Jim Palmer Trucking VTC is actively pursuing qualified company drivers to participate in the 100% controlled temperature-over the road operation. All of Jim Palmer’s trailers are capable of refrigerating (reefers) every load, but not all loads must be temperature regulated. This provides additional flexibility between dry vanloads and reefer loads depending on demand.

Operations include, no Hazardous Material (Haz-Mat) and 99% no touch freight. Jim Palmer pays for all lumpers to load and unload goods, but occasionally drivers are required to move a box or inspect freight.

This 42 state operation boasts a long history of satisfied customers, respected employees, and beautiful equipment. Since the beginning as a driver, Jim Palmer has actively participated in the daily operations of the proud company. His personal attitude resonates throughout the company by showing his respect for employees, drivers, and equipment. Drivers are the core of Jim Palmer Trucking VC, without drivers the company literally grinds to a halt.
Pay Package:Jim Palmer Trucking VTC pays wages on all dispatched miles driven, loaded or empty, based on years of verifiable over the road experience and employment stability.
Earn up to $65,500.00 a year depending on experience and longevity.
Referral Bonus:For drivers that enjoy the working environment at Jim Palmer Trucking VTC or wish to make extra money, a $1,000 referral bonus is awarded to drivers that successfully recruit new drivers. $250 is paid upon the initial dispatch of the referred driver. The remaining bonus is paid in three separate payments of $250 after 60, 90, and 180 days of employment.
Driver Experience
Applicants are required to be 23 years of age and have a Class A Commercial Drivers License (CDL). Have one year of verifiable over the road experience in the last three years or three years of verifiable OTR experience in the last five years. Over the road experience is defined as interstate travel (traveling between multiple states) for more than one day at a time, preferably several at one time. Local runs allow drivers to remain within a single state and spend each night at home.

Rider Policy
No cost rider policy applies to all drivers. However, riders are limited to significant others and children over the age of 12. Children can only ride during summer months.

Motor Vehicle History
Within the last three years, applicants are allowed no convictions for: DUI/DWI, careless or reckless driving, improper or erratic lane change, following too close, hit and run, leaving the scene of an accident, or failing to report an accident. Within the last three years, no speeding tickets of 15 mph over the posted speed limit in a personal or commercial vehicle. No more than four total moving violations within the last three years. No more than two total moving violations within last 12 months. No preventable DOT accidents that involve fatality, bodily injury that is treated away from the scene, or disabling damage to any vehicle.

After applicants meet the driver requirements, Greyhound bus tickets (or the equivalent price) are provided to reach the Jim Palmer Trucking terminals. Before drivers are dispatched on their first load, every driver must complete orientation. Orientation begins every Monday at the Jim Palmer Trucking terminal in Missoula, Montana. The driver is allocated a room (smoking or non-smoking) during orientation until their first load is dispatched.

Drivers are required to provide two forms of identification. The most common, and preferred, are a Social Security Card and Drivers License. Drivers are also recommended to bring adequate supplies for two weeks of traveling. The first week is occupied by orientation and the second week is occupied by the first trip. Dispatch tries to get drivers home during the first week on the road to get personal items that could not be brought to orientation.

After completing orientation, $100 is awarded to company drivers. This money will be in addition to a Commdata Card and a TCH Card. The Comdata Card is used for personal expeditures, although it may be used for fuel, and the TCH is used for truck related expenditures.

Jim Palmer Trucking VTC uses the QualComm system to dispatch all drivers. During orientation drivers are educated on effective use of the system to communicate with driver managers. This system allows drivers to communicate truck and driver status, and it allows the driver to use strategic fueling locations and routes.

All trucks are 2007 and newer with a meticulous maintenance record. Current Jim Palmer Trucks are Peterbilts, Volvos and Kenworths. New trucks are introduced through the fleet to constantly upgrade the equipment.

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Company Drivers
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